That The World May See

Transforming lives and communities in the areas of greatest need through the gift of sight for the body and soul

The numbers are overwhelming – 40 million people worldwide are blind. An additional 250 million people live with low vision. Blindness affects not only the individual but also the family unit as young people are forced to forgo schooling or work to care for their blind relatives. The vast majority (90%) of people with visual impairment live in the developing world. The growth of large, sustainable eye care centers in places like India and Nepal have given hope for a world without avoidable blindness. At the present time, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest age-specific burden of blindness in the world. Sight for Souls recognizes that building a world where all may see requires that we address this unmet need in Africa, where there is just one eye doctor for every million people

Make A Difference

90 Million

Ethiopia has the second largest population in Africa at 90 million.


Ethiopia is one of the hardest hit countries by blindness at 1.6%.

6 Million

At 6 million residents, Addis Ababa is a truly world-class city and strategic for developing a sustainable eye care delivery system.